Sunday, 24 May 2009

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Rise of Darkrai and Garintina and the Sky Warrior

So Jetix UK aired the 2 Pokemon DP movies that have been released so far (with the trilogy to end with a movie about Asuerus: God of Pokeymans) a few months before becoming Disney XD

Admittedly while Pokemon is not exactly known for its great plots and stunning animation. I still enjoy tuning into the series occasionally. I guess I'm just a big sucker for cute critters running about doing stuff.

Though I couldnt help feeling that with each film in the series the quality of animation deteriorates. I mean anime shows are pretty much the master of cutting down amounts of animation to talking faces and looped footage but even some of the animation that is present is pretty lousy at times. Theres a point in the second film where the Pokemon are flying with the Sky Forme Shaymin and some of the perspective when they turn or fly into the camera is kind of off.

Rise of Darkrai was enjoyable but it reused a lot of plot points from the other films. Crazy powerful Pokemon with Powergrudges, some other legendary trying to make them stop and random flashbacks. Plus Ash and his friends somehow getting invloved with these legendary moments EVERY TIME. Ash must be the luckest trainer ever, he may not win tournaments but he's ridden/commanded/battled or at least witnessed most legendary Pokemon at some point. Bit of a shame he never bothers to catch any of them, he could take over the world quicker than Geovanni could of ever wished for if he did.

In fact this seems a big shame with Shaymin - that fella and Ash had something of a rapport and it wasnt like there was only 1 of this fella. But I suppose Shaymin would of had to have made that deicison but I degress

Also in some way the characterisation seems to have gone. Maybe it's because I still liked the original team of Brock, Misty and Ash more than I like Brock and Ash plus another girl from the region they happen to be in. Ash himself is certainly a smarter trainer now than when he started out but it feels like somethings missing. There isnt any real comedy nor the kind of cutural vibe the show started out with - originally the anime was japanese in nature with festivals and the like - but in recent years to appeal globally the Pokemon world has become a bit bland.

Still I occasionally tune in - Diamond and Pearl has been an improvement at least - its not as much as a retread as last generation and its nice to see some proper training going on with Ash and his team but just...I dunno. Theres something about the original series that the newer seasons is missing, possibly the japanese nature of it becoming something of a global brand ala Mickey Mouse in America.